Microsoft Dynamics GP Version

Microsoft Dynamics GP Version

What Microsoft Dynamics GP Version Am I Running?

Do you often wonder what Microsoft Dynamics GP version number you are on? We often get questions about the version numbers and it’s easy to get confused by the number sequence.

To find your Microsoft Dynamics GP version number:

  1. Open your GP Home Page
  2. Next, click on the Help button (circled in red).
  3. Now you can view your GP Version located on the right handed column, first line (highlighted in yellow).


The current Microsoft Dynamics GP version displayed above is 14.00.0804 which corresponds to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2.

See below for build numbers and which GP Version they correspond to:

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Read here.

With each GP Update release, Microsoft aims to continuously make significant improvements to its GP product quality and performance.

If you have any questions, about your Dynamics GP environment, contact us at Infinity Computer Systems and we’d be happy to help.