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What is the Odata Service?

What is OData? OData is short for Open Data Protocol. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uses their Windows Communication Foundation to provide this OData connection to the endpoint. The new OData Feature is part of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. This feature allows you to deploy an OData service to your employees [...]

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018?

What's to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018? Recently, there has been much talk about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. With Microsoft’s newly released version of Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2, we waited for the developments on this latest installment, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. This new version has an expected release date on December [...]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Technology

As owners of small to midsized businesses, you know that investing in the right technology solution is a critical factor to success. The right technology can increase the profit potential for a small business. To ensure success while Investing in Technology, steer clear of these five common mistakes. Lack of Team Cooperation: Before investing, it [...]

Why Your Business Should Move to the Cloud

When considering moving to the Cloud, the reasons why you should follow through with the move, outweigh the reasons why you should not. Migrating over, enables all business, no matter how large or small, to reap the many benefits it entails. Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud: Mobility After migration, employees now have the ability [...]

Cloud Accounting Software Trends to Consider

While going through the process of selecting a Cloud Accounting Solution, it is recommended to first focus on the three trends when inquiring with a vendor: Machine Learning: Machine Learning is the system’s software ability to change and enhance its internal algorithm’s to improve system performance. In relation to accounting software, Machine Learning provides the [...]

Tips to Successfully Implement an ERP Strategy

Every day within our society, competition gets tougher and tougher. Thus, we are faced with the need to take advantage of the data we process. Through the process of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), companies can improve operations and provide faster customer response. Choosing the correct solution is only half of what will enable a smooth [...]

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016?

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is a renowned release with tremendous value to all Partners and Customers. Dynamics GP 2016 now includes a HTML5 browser that can support iPad, Android and Windows Web Client users. Dynamics GP 2016 tailors to the All in One Doc Viewers. The new software also includes: Multiple Web Browser Support e. [...]

The Exponential Growth of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has grown exponentially in the recent years, and it is still expected to experience another increase. The increase will range from $67 billion reported in 2015, to $162 billion by the year 2020.[1] Cloud computing is the feature that allows companies to buy, sell, lease or distribute a range of software and other [...]

4 Tips to Get the Most from SmartList Builder

Microsoft Dynamics GP featured product, SmartList Builder comes in three different types. We have the Original SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder, Drill Down Builder, and Navigation List Builder. Excel Report Builder creates an Excel Spreadsheet that incorporates a live Microsoft Dynamics GP connection. This connection allows for live, refreshed reports, at any instance.  Drill Down [...]

Action Needed to Stay Safe Online from Ransomware

In May, countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States were affected by malicious “WannaCrypt” software. The WannaCry ransomware cyberattack is a worldwide software hack that aims at targeting computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. Through  encrypting data and demanding payments, they can lock you out of your own computer. Microsoft has been [...]

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