About Infinity Computer Systems

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Who We Are

Founded in 1989, Infinity Computer Systems is a technology and services firm specializing in business applications and Cloud solutions. We help businesses of all sizes solve their business challenges. Through strategic consulting services, industry-specific software and optimization techniques built on the latest technologies. Infinity’s solutions are easy to use and provide our customers with a technological advantage over the competition.

Our Master Certified Team is dedicated to building seamless integrations of the systems and applications used to run your business. The Team sees every project through to successful completion. Infinity continuously invests in training and development of our Team members to enhance service delivery, project management and timely support. Thus, producing measurable, cost saving results for our customers.

Our Green Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are important issues for Infinity Computer Systems and its employees, customers and key stakeholders. As a technology solutions firm, we are sensitive to the many processes and operations which impact the environment. Infinity takes its leadership role seriously and has established a Sustainability Program which acts as the cornerstone of the company’s environmental commitment. Dedicated to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment, Infinity enacted a proactive Sustainability Program which enables our operations to strive for consistently sound environmental behavior.

The objectives of Infinity’s Sustainability Program are based on principles of preventing and minimizing environmental impact from its operations and promoting continuous improvement of the program, with the overall goals being:
  • The conservation of natural resources by minimizing the use of non-renewable materials, utilizing recycling services and implementing energy conservation practices
  • Utilization of sustainable or recycled products and packaging wherever feasible.Regular review of operations and programs to reduce waste and increase the efficient use of Resources
  • Utilization of sustainable or recycled products and packaging wherever feasible.
  • Regular review of operations and programs to reduce waste and increase the efficient use of resources
  • Provide customers with product and service options which promote sustainability objectives.

Additionally, Infinity has defined management’s responsibilities in relationship to its Sustainability Program and, through increased awareness, advocates for employee, customer and stakeholder involvement.

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