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Cloud Services

Through the adaptation of Infinity Computer Systems of next-generation Cloud Services, your business will hold a great advantage over the competition as compared to an onsite solution. In migrating existing services and applications to the Cloud will prove to be an efficient business strategy that will suit your businesses needs while flawlessly integrating all systems with no effect on our environment and the businesses cost to savings.

Advantages of Implementing Cloud:

Reduced Overhead: There will be less worry about expending resources on licenses for your hardware and software, rather you can invest more wholly into your business.

Increased Flexibility: No longer will you be limited to an office. Access will be granted from a mobile device, at home workstation, or personal computer.

Scalability: Implementing Cloud based software give your business the ability to be positioned around the globe with no hardware restriction that would prevent doing so. Global expansion is a possibility now with Cloud implementation.

Increased Control: Having Cloud services allow for focus to be centered on the operating of the core of your business and less on the managing of software and applications concerning it.

Having a fully operational Cloud model allows for ERP to be maximized through the entire system and all applications while doing so without the increasingly expensive upfront costs for hardware and software. At Infinity our cloud deployment options offer standard security measures, with public and private cloud services that include customizable, comprehensive security protocols for maximum protection down the application layer. Infinity’s cloud deployment solution will offer full flexibility while giving increased control, scalability, and reduced overhead that will prove most successful for your business.

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