Creating GL Transactions within the Reconcile window

Creating GL Transactions within the Reconcile window

It is possible that bank statement transactions may not match up with any existing GL transactions. This can happen if there are bank fees or interest income that were not entered in the GL prior to starting the bank reconciliation. These transactions can be entered during reconciliation. To do so, mark the bank statement transaction that represents the bank fees or un-entered GL transaction.

Click the Create GL Trx button at the top of the bank transaction list.

A Transaction Entry window will appear allowing for a GL transaction to be entered to balance the selected bank transaction.

The Transaction Date and first distribution line will default with the current date and the main GL account associated to the Bank Account being reconciled. Enter in the balancing distribution account and a Reference for the transaction. Click Post and the transaction will post through the GL and automatically display in the Reconcile window. It will be marked to be matched with the selected bank transaction. Click the Match button to match the transactions and continue.

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