How Document Management is Beneficial

How Document Management is Beneficial

A Document management/AP automation solution that integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution can increase the productivity of your team, without all the hassle of having to purchase multiple systems.

Having a Document Management Solution can improve your business and efficiency in your organization by:

Automated Workflow: Having an automated workflow allows for auto classification, allows for data to be identified and extracted. In addition, it ensures data is accurate with your ERP system by performing periodic checks. There are added benefits such as automated General Ledger Coding and purchase order reconciliation.

Elimination of Manual Data Entry: Save time and reduce inaccuracies without manual data entry. This in turn allows for employees to spend valuable company time on tasks that may be more crucial. A document management solution also has the capability to capture invoices and other documents in form of electronic and paper, while still pulling information automatically.

Printer and Copying are no longer required: Printing and copying is an inefficient way to manage paperwork and takes up valuable employee time as well. Using automation, you can get rid of paper completely, and all invoices will be electronic. Documents can be routed to appropriate personnel and then indexed without scanning or copying involved.

Less Mistakes: Having a system that is paperless reduces the amount of and frequency of errors that can affect finances and cause stress. The records are stored in a secure network and are organized, allowing for less time trying to decipher one’s handwriting.

ERP Integration: Adding in the automated solutions enhances your GP investment using the information in your GP Database to index newly scanned documents. Thus, reducing data entry, eliminating duplicated information and saving time.


A document management solution can benefit an entire organization, system wide, from AP to AR to HR. You have the ability to increase efficiency, eliminate manual data entry, and reduces paper costs and file storage.