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Document Management Solutions assists your business with managing files in a simple process. Through storage, sharing and collaboration, our document managing solutions are of vital importance to your business. Our document management system offers reporting and tools to help manage document inventory. Reports and documents can be accessed instantly online.

Decades ago, many vendors would use systems to manage their paper-based documents, however paper is costly, hazard prone, and wasteful for the environment.

Using Infinity Computer System’s Document Management Solutions we focus on the software that can make it easier to share and collaborate on important documents, take notes, add comments, and find any information when demanded.

Our prices can range depending on your company’s size, specific requirements needed, users needed, how much cloud storage is needed and any additional add-ons. We offer demos and test-drives for your company, so you can truly get the feel of the software before you implement it at no charge.

Integrating Document Management Software with your current systems will be done at none harm. Using Infinity Computer Systems to do so, we can guarantee all data and functionality will be streamlined into your existing applications.

Key Features of this software:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Content Management
  • Mobile Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Content Management
  • Integrate with Multiple IT systems
  • Instant File Access

Team Members can use the document management software tools to collectively come together and work on tasks and activities. As a decision maker in the business you can provide them all important materials into a secure hub, and grant them access as needed. Communication will be boosted between team members and problem resolution timing will greatly be reduced. Using our software also enables employees to work remotely in diverse locations, in real time.

The loss of documents and mix up of them often causes an unfortunate loss of valuable information, this is why Infinity’s Document Managed Solution is a must for your business.

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