Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps to accelerate and meet the changing needs of customers and capture the business opportunities of tomorrow through the implementation of Microsoft Cloud. This program, enables power at the core of leveraging technology for businesses while enabling integration across a broader set of cloud capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the breadth and depth of what Microsoft Cloud offers.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 your organization can:

Consolidate CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work hand-in-hand with operations, sales, marketing, financials, customer service, project service and field service. Combining both CRM and ERP provides a unified experience and brings both of their business applications together. This new combined service provides end to end business application functionality delivered as a fast cloud oriented service. Rich sense of business functionality as they are purpose built, adaptable, productive and intelligent.

Incorporating Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows have become a part of a digital transformational impact on society while opening doors to:

  • Better engage customers
    • Customer relationships will be made more personalized and tailored towards their individual needs through this multi-application solution
  • Empower Employees
    • Employees have ability to make data driven decisions and take control over analytics
  • Optimize operations
    • Through the use of a fully integrated system and enhanced ERP solution that is cloud based

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in two versions:

  1. Business Edition: for smaller sized companies with 10 to 250 users
  2. Enterprise Edition: for larger sized companies with greater than 250 users

Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud based business applications allow for customized solutions to your individual business needs. Moving your business to the Cloud through Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you with many advantages including, scalability, flexibility, ability to adapt to changing business requirements while giving you a reliable software suite and platform.

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