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Business Email Compromise

Here at Infinity Computer Systems, we are committed to online security and helping our customers protect their businesses against fraud and theft. One of the ways we do this is by keeping you informed of emerging trends and threats among cybercriminals and fraudsters. Business Email Compromise: A Growing Online Security Threat A business email compromise [...]

Consolidating GL Transactions

There may be cases where a single bank deposit transaction (right side) matches with multiple GL check deposits (left side). These may be manually matched as in the example below by manually checking the match box, as long as the Total Marked fields agree. The Consolidate feature can also be used to group the GL [...]

Creating GL Transactions within the Reconcile window

It is possible that bank statement transactions may not match up with any existing GL transactions. This can happen if there are bank fees or interest income that were not entered in the GL prior to starting the bank reconciliation. These transactions can be entered during reconciliation. To do so, mark the bank statement transaction [...]

How to Reconcile Transactions

Launch the Reconcile window (Transaction >> Financial >> Advanced Bank Reconciliation >> Reconcile Bank Transactions) to begin the reconciliation process. Select the Bank Account ID and enter the Balance Date (ending date of the reconciliation). The grids will populate with the GL Transactions on the left, and the Bank Statement Transactions on the right. Review [...]

Bank Statement Import

Bank transactions may be manually entered or imported into the Bank Statement Entry window. See Import Format Setup and Import Maintenance Setup for setting up bank statement import definitions. Tools >> Routines >> Financial >> Advanced Bank Reconciliation >>Statement Import Open the Statement Import window (Tools >> Routines >> Financial >> Advanced Bank [...]

Are You Logging Off GP Correctly?

Not logging off GP correctly can cause many issues like lost data and slow systems. Ensure you are doing your part by closing your windows down correctly! When GP is not closed correctly or if the cloud is not closed down correctly, it can cause many problems with stranded users, taxed resources, and delays when [...]

Extracting a GL Transaction

The first step in processing a reconciliation is to extract every GL transaction. Open the Extract Transactions window Select Tools  Select Routines  Select Financial  Select Advanced Bank Reconciliation Then, Extract Transactions Enter the From and To Dates and select the Bank Account ID to be reconciled in the From Bank and To Bank fields. Click [...]

How Document Management is Beneficial

A Document management/AP automation solution that integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution can increase the productivity of your team, without all the hassle of having to purchase multiple systems. Having a Document Management Solution can improve your business and efficiency in your organization by: Automated Workflow: Having an automated workflow allows for auto classification, [...]

Signs Your Business is Outgrowing Quickbooks

Building a business on QuickBooks is great, for entry-level accounting. However as your business grows, QuickBooks may lack the ability to keep up. One of the telltale signs that your business is facing limited growth with your current business management solution is that your team has too many workarounds to keep track of. When QuickBooks [...]

RansomWare: Is your Business Safe?

With data flowing in and out of networks with greater volume and enhanced speeds than ever before, cybersecurity professionals are posed with a serious issue. Within the data, there could be ’malware’ waiting and ready to strike on individuals’ and business’ private information. Malware itself has become increasingly difficult to prevent. What is Ransomware? All [...]

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