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Business Email Compromise

Here at Infinity Computer Systems, we are committed to online security and helping our customers protect their businesses against fraud and theft. One of the ways we do this is by keeping you informed of emerging trends and threats among cybercriminals and fraudsters. Business Email Compromise: A Growing Online Security Threat A business email compromise [...]

Creating GL Transactions within the Reconcile window

It is possible that bank statement transactions may not match up with any existing GL transactions. This can happen if there are bank fees or interest income that were not entered in the GL prior to starting the bank reconciliation. These transactions can be entered during reconciliation. To do so, mark the bank statement transaction [...]

Extracting a GL Transaction

The first step in processing a reconciliation is to extract every GL transaction. Open the Extract Transactions window Select Tools  Select Routines  Select Financial  Select Advanced Bank Reconciliation Then, Extract Transactions Enter the From and To Dates and select the Bank Account ID to be reconciled in the From Bank and To Bank fields. Click [...]

How Document Management is Beneficial

A Document management/AP automation solution that integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution can increase the productivity of your team, without all the hassle of having to purchase multiple systems. Having a Document Management Solution can improve your business and efficiency in your organization by: Automated Workflow: Having an automated workflow allows for auto classification, [...]

Signs Your Business is Outgrowing Quickbooks

Building a business on QuickBooks is great, for entry-level accounting. However as your business grows, QuickBooks may lack the ability to keep up. One of the telltale signs that your business is facing limited growth with your current business management solution is that your team has too many workarounds to keep track of. When QuickBooks [...]

Microsoft Dynamics GP Version

What Microsoft Dynamics GP Version Am I Running? Do you often wonder what Microsoft Dynamics GP version number you are on? We often get questions about the version numbers and it’s easy to get confused by the number sequence. To find your Microsoft Dynamics GP version number: Open your GP Home Page Next, click on [...]

Smoother Closing Period with Management Reporter

Management Reporter is the preferred financial reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. When closing a monthly or yearly period, for Microsoft Dynamics GP users, it cannot be done too quickly. As a monthly or yearly period comes to a close, there are numerous things to be taken care of. Management Reporter is a key part [...]

What is the Odata Service?

What is OData? OData is short for Open Data Protocol. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uses their Windows Communication Foundation to provide this OData connection to the endpoint. The new OData Feature is part of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. This feature allows you to deploy an OData service to your employees [...]

4 Tips to Get the Most from SmartList Builder

Microsoft Dynamics GP featured product, SmartList Builder comes in three different types. We have the Original SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder, Drill Down Builder, and Navigation List Builder. Excel Report Builder creates an Excel Spreadsheet that incorporates a live Microsoft Dynamics GP connection. This connection allows for live, refreshed reports, at any instance.  Drill Down [...]

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